Why hello there :)

So, my name’s Audrey Lamb. Yes, like the animal. Bahhhh. Anyway, welcome to the best place you’ll ever be, our blog. Well, it’s probably not the BEST place you’ll ever be, but that’s beside the point. The point is, is that this is a place that will hopefully provide you, and myself, with entertainment.

My life has gotten extremely boring. I’ve already finished off a couple of weeks of my summer vacation. I keep seeing people talking about how excited they are to go to Florida, how much time they have to spend with their amazing, wonderful boyfriend, while the highlight of my summer has been reading and occasionally playing Call of Duty with my little brother. Honestly though, it’s not that occasional of an occurrence. I’m not going anywhere on vacation, unless camping counts, but in my book, it doesn’t, and my boyfriend is a fictional character. Go me.

Like Clare has, I’ve applied everywhere that seems even the slightest bit enjoyable to work, but I’ve had no luck. Every time they ask me, “How old are you?”, and before I can even get done saying “15”, they’re already giving me that sorry look, shaking their heads, and saying, “Sorry, you need to be 16.” Try explaining that to my parents, though. They still think that I should keep trying, even if I get rejected every effing time. “It shows drive, persistence, and motivation!” they tell me. Yeah, okay.

So when Clare texted me last night with the idea of making this blog, at first I was terrified. Having people that I know read this stuff? It scared the shit out of me. Still does, to be completely honest. But, nonetheless, I’m excited about it.

So welcome to our blog, our crazy, crazy blog.

Stay classy my friends,
Audrey Lamb


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