Pet Peeves (Topic of the week)

So, we decided that our theme of the week was pet peeves, and I figured it’d be a fairly easy topic to write about. Clearly, this hasn’t been the case, since it’s 11:16 right now and I still haven’t written a single thing.

I’m not sure where this writer’s block has come from. I mean, I have a multitude of things I could be writing about now. I could write about how much I hate feminist rants and annoying people on Facebook and P!nk and people who think they’re really smart and cool when in reality they aren’t at all. I could write about how disturbing I think it is when people are hypocritical and closed minded and rude for absolutely no reason.

I could write novels about all the little momentary annoyances I have in my life, but I’m not going to. Because they’re not important enough to write a whole entire blog post about. I feel like a lot of what people base their whole entire lives on is just negativity, and I am not a pessimistic human being.

I’m not going to lie and say that I never complain about things, because I do. Sometimes my complaining is very incessant, actually. But it doesn’t consume me, you know? I’ll complain about something, and then I’ll forget about it. I can’t hold a grudge or even allow myself to get too worked up about anything.

So you see my dilemma. I am supposed to write a post here about a pet peeve, but there’s nothing that annoys me enough to take the time and effort to write a long, negative post about. So I’m not going to write anything.

I guess you could say my pet peeve is people who have never ending lists of their pet peeves and are obnoxious about it. You all just need to chill out and go with the flow. The fact that Panera forgot your baguette is not something to be so eternally angry over, and it’s absolutely not something I find pleasure in reading on Facebook.

Life will go on.


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