Thoughts from the Backseat is a blog written by three teenage girls who want more substance to their lives. They are hoping to find it through incessant blogging and writing and reading, and maybe when the summer is over they’ll have found some kind of inner peace they didn’t have before.

They will be writing Big Articles once a week. Clare has Monday, Katy has Wednesday, and Audrey has Friday. There will also be random articles sporadically inserted whenever the time feels right.
The name of the blog, “Thoughts from the Backseat”, was derived from all the times freshman year when we would get rides from sophomores, juniors, or even the occasional senior. Naturally, there would be more than one person getting a ride with us.
And we always got stuck with the backseat. Like, it wasn’t even an argument. No one even made a point to yell “SHOTGUN”. We were just automatically expected to go to the backseat.
Like Rosa Parks.
Now, we understand that this is just because we were lowly freshman. We are completely accepting of this and realize now, as older, wiser sophomores that this is just how the social food chain of high school works.
But there was something about being in the backseat that always seemed to spur our creative thoughts and feelings. For some reason, being in the backseat made us want to write.
And that’s what is featured here: our thoughts from the metaphorical back seat that we always seem to find ourselves in, time and time again.

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