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Thank God for Netflix

Yesterday my dad reinstated our Netflix subscription. He had gotten rid of it after claiming “no one used it”. My brother and I had to (camly) try and explain to him that WHAT THE HELL DID HE THINK WE WERE DOING ALL DAY!?!? (sigh) But, now we have got it back. So all is good. Here is a list of my favorite movies that it has to offer. (Keep in mind this is coming from a 15 year old girl, so yes, there will be some chick flicks 🙂 Oh, and by the way, this is also just going to be strictly movies. Tv shows are a completely different story….

1. The Avengers
I’ve just recently noticed that this is on there, but when I did I was so effing excited. This is, in my opinion, the best super-hero movie EVER. So, if you haven’t watched it already, do. It’s fantastic, and looking at Robert Downey Jr. isn’t so hard either 😉

2. LOL
Okay, I’ll admit, at first by judging it solely by the title I thought this movie was going to be, well, stupid. However, after watching it (multiple times) I can say that I really like this movie. It’s your typical teenage-angsty “wahhh, my parents don’t get it at all” sort of thing, but it’s one of the best, of those types of movies, I’ve seen.

3. Pretty in Pink
I think this one’s kind of obvious, but it really is great. I don’t really have much other to say about it other than that I think lots of people would enjoy it, not just girls. Ducky is basically  my favorite person ever 🙂 Now only if they had The Breakfast Club….

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
I feel like I’m being really obvious here with all these classic movies, but seriously if you haven’t seen them you definitely should. I think I may have a little bit of a thing for Ferris, too. Anyone else?

5. Safety Not Guaranteed
This movie was recommended to me by a friend and honestly, I didn’t have too high of hopes for it. Then, I saw John Green tweet about how great it is and I watched it immediately after seeing that. It was great, really. I’ve always been a fan of Jake Johnson, too. It has an ending that you wouldn’t expect but is truly wonderful.

6. Mean Girls 2
Hahahaha, who am I kidding? This movie sucks. It’s nothing at all like the classic original.

Stay classy my friends,
Audrey Lamb

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To whom it may concern:

Alright,  how about a little rant?

Some people really just need to use their energy on something other than gossiping. I swear, it’s like all they do is wait around on Twitter to wait for another fight, and then feel the need to share it, play by play, for others. Honestly, I really don’t want to hear about who said what or who cheated on who. It makes my brain feel numb. It’s really an unnecessary thing. I mean, think about all the other things you could be doing besides wasting countless hours mildly entertaining yourself with other people’s problems.

And on another note, please, I beg of you, do NOT PUT YOUR FIGHTS ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. It may make you a little more ballsy, but it sure as hell won’t give you a better reputation. Do you really want everyone and their mother knowing that, “Oh my god, I can’t believe (guy’s name) cheated on me with that slut (girl’s name)”? I don’t think so.

So do us all a favor and battle it out privately. Or, if you really want to settle things in a civilized manor, could I suggest rock paper scissors? Hmm?

Stay classy my friends,
Audrey Lamb

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So la da di da di, we like to party

Miley Cyrus’s new video “We Can’t Stop” has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. Right now on YouTube it has more likes than dislikes. However, most of the comments I’ve seen have been something along the lines of, “What the fuck?”. As strange as it is, I have to say, I kind of like it. It has a very chilled out vibe despite the video being pretty insane.

However, there were two things that didn’t exactly work for me. One, the involvement of brands like Beats and EOS lip balm is sort of ridiculous to me. I mean, come on. Really? It just shouts desperate to me. Desperate for money. I guess she probably needs it though, after being on hiatus for quite a while. Second, the involvement of food kind of made me sick to my stomach. Especially when they were rolling around on the floor with hot dogs and buns. Ew.

BUT, this video was honestly everything I expected from her. She shaved her head and started using words like “dope” all the time so I’m not too surprised by this video as obviously some people are. She’s not Hannah Montana anymore. Or the girl from the last song (what’s her name?).

I remember her tweeting a while back saying something along the lines of, “my new music will shut everyone up”. Now, if that actually worked, I don’t know. It might have just brought out more haters that are still clinging to the brown extensions from the past. I say, just let it go. Go re-watch some old Miley Stewart goodness and move on.

I think this video previewed a good taste of what more to be expecting in the future, and I’m actually looking forward to see what more she has to offer.




Stay classy my friends,
Audrey Lamb

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Why hello there :)

So, my name’s Audrey Lamb. Yes, like the animal. Bahhhh. Anyway, welcome to the best place you’ll ever be, our blog. Well, it’s probably not the BEST place you’ll ever be, but that’s beside the point. The point is, is that this is a place that will hopefully provide you, and myself, with entertainment.

My life has gotten extremely boring. I’ve already finished off a couple of weeks of my summer vacation. I keep seeing people talking about how excited they are to go to Florida, how much time they have to spend with their amazing, wonderful boyfriend, while the highlight of my summer has been reading and occasionally playing Call of Duty with my little brother. Honestly though, it’s not that occasional of an occurrence. I’m not going anywhere on vacation, unless camping counts, but in my book, it doesn’t, and my boyfriend is a fictional character. Go me.

Like Clare has, I’ve applied everywhere that seems even the slightest bit enjoyable to work, but I’ve had no luck. Every time they ask me, “How old are you?”, and before I can even get done saying “15”, they’re already giving me that sorry look, shaking their heads, and saying, “Sorry, you need to be 16.” Try explaining that to my parents, though. They still think that I should keep trying, even if I get rejected every effing time. “It shows drive, persistence, and motivation!” they tell me. Yeah, okay.

So when Clare texted me last night with the idea of making this blog, at first I was terrified. Having people that I know read this stuff? It scared the shit out of me. Still does, to be completely honest. But, nonetheless, I’m excited about it.

So welcome to our blog, our crazy, crazy blog.

Stay classy my friends,
Audrey Lamb