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Amanda Bynes, Right?

What do you think of when you hear her name? What words or images?

Opinions of her vary so much. And I think some of us don’t quite give her a chance. We compare her to other celebrities, peg her, label her. And how fair is that?

We don’t have that much information anyway. And what we do have, is hard to read and could mean a number of things. It’s hard to believe stories because we don’t know who’s telling the truth and what things actually happened. How many of these stories are cover ups? How many are true? How many are just for publicity? No matter how you slice it, it’s not fair to her.

She started off a young, bright girl with a pretty smile and a fresh face. Her career was respectable, and her works were funny, relatable, and reasonable. Once she had a firm base, her career started to branch out, and shoot her into a well-rounded star. With Robots, She’s the Man, Hairspray, Easy A and many popular, classic 21st century films under her belt, and not to mention her own show, it was safe to say that her career was doing very, very well and was granting her a range of an audience. But 2013 presented trouble for the 27 year old.

Amanda had appeared to be plummeting. She started tweeting strange photos, attacking fellow stars, and having “abnormal”, drastic appearance changes, so plummeting could be the right word, although some would say she’s hit rock bottom. But many pieces of this map aren’t present. From a wide view, it appears she drastically went from successful young star, to mental, drug crazed maniac, with nothing to bridge the gap. And doesn’t that seem strange to anyone? What happened? Maybe nothing happened, maybe this is simply a new chapter for her, full of experimenting and possible mistakes and adventures. And what the hell is wrong with that? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that sort of what your twenties are for? Isn’t this what a mass amount of twenty year olds do? They make mistakes, the get wacky hairstyles and piercings in surprising places. They change their minds and change them again. If you were to compare any twenty something successful star who’s been making out-there choices and a non-famous twenty something with or without a steady job, they’re doing the same thing! Amanda may be making erratic decisions, some with harsh, sometimes legal, consequences, but who cares?

In my personal opinion, leave Amanda Bynes and her fellow colleagues the fuck alone. Let them make their hard and fast decisions. What were you doing in your twenties? Or at any age! Who are you to judge? You’re not any better, and you’re not any less. Que sera, sera.

But I want to know your opinion too. I mean what do you think? Psycho druggie? Or normal adult?

Anyway, Amanda Bynes, you go girl.

xoxo – katy

Amanda I’m with  you on the Team No Old Photos thing and I don't know if you considered this not an old photo but I promise that once you post a new one I will change it.

(Amanda I’m with you on the Team No Old Photos thing and I don’t know if you considered this not an old photo but I promise that once you post a new one I will change it.)

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Pity Party

I’ve always had bad luck with birthday parties. I was always the one girl at your party who didn’t like something that happened, cried and ran off. And I did the same thing at my own parties. So, people stopped inviting me to theirs.

Ever since, it’s always been a slippery slope. And people aren’t sensitive at all. You think I don’t freaking notice when you talk about your party and invite people to your party right in front of me? Really? That’s rude to anyone in any circumstance.

But I guess now that I think about it, logically, since I’m 15, I’m definitely going to act the same way at a birthday party that I did when I was 7. You’re so so right. Silly me.

No. And I’m tired of being a fucking joke to everyone. Why are people so insensitive and juvenile and oblivious and mean? I mean, I guess it doesn’t matter how some people act seeing as they aren’t very memorable.

Last year I didn’t even have a birthday party. And it doesn’t hurt or bother me or anything really, because it saved me a lot of anxiety and hurt and whatever. That’s so wrong.

You shouldn’t be afraid to throw a freaking party. You shouldn’t worry about every little thing and what it will say about you to other people. Some of it is being a realist, but a lot of it is being afraid, and the result of being scarred by people from the past who were the wrong ones.

And how fair is it that someone has to worry that someone else’s parents forced them to go to that party? Are you kidding me? I don’t know, I just think this is wrong. Is wrong the right word?

I don’t know what it is about birthday parties, but they make me so nervous, and tense, and empty. Sometimes it turns out okay in the end. And while half the time it is people being insensitive and cruel, the other half is me overreacting.

But even my parents have told me not to act a certain way and have cautioned me to not let something bother me or make me “mope” or be absolutely rude. That’s not fair either. I am SIXTEEN.

Are my feelings and frustrations and problems something for you to just throw around and discard? I really can’t have an opinion or pick a side? I can’t feel something or want something or care about something without it being written off as just because of my age? That’s not right either.

Okay so the next time you have a party, or write off someone’s feelings, or make someone feel small, and empty, and worthless, fucking think about how this could potentially scar that person for the rest of their life.

xoxo – katy

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“Look at, look at, look at me. I’m all the fishes in the sea.”

I recently got Fiona Apple’s new album The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do.

And I really, really enjoy it. I love the sound and the style of the album.

Fiona’s voice is amazing. She has stressed tones and gritty yelling, and it’s strong and scared sounding. It’s very easy to tell how she feels about what she’s singing but it’s still so intricate and elegant.

“Daredevil” is a perfect example of all those descriptors. It’s kind of all of them wrapped up in one.

And I love the way she writes things, her choice of words. The use of “chaperone” in “Daredevil” is jarring in a way but works so well.

Everything is very relatable. There isn’t one song that I feel is too farfetched or silly. I can feel her independence as a woman, and her inner frolicking. The songs are mostly about love, and how her loves have influenced her, but she ties it all back to her, a strong, knowing, stable, yearning, capable, complicated person. And still the opposites of those things are shown too. Which I think makes a great, real, artist.

Of the 10 songs, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I think my personal favorites are “Every Single Night”, “Left Alone” and “Hot Knife”. I also find “Valentine” and “Jonathan” stuck in my head a lot. Really, though, I love every song. And all together it’s just one perfect story and gets more and more interesting with every listen and makes you feel so much.

On the other hand, where an album is a story and should be tied together somehow, the songs sound pretty similar to each other. Granted she put elements into each song to give them personality and independence and maybe after more time passes I’ll be able to distinguish them apart better, but for now there’s just something there that is too similar. Maybe she meant to do that and it’s part of the air of the album. But I don’t think it takes too much away from it all.

Her lyrics are provocative and poetic and bare. Simple words are woven in with words of depth. The melodies are tense and playful and match perfectly with her forceful, vulnerable, and sometimes distraught voice.

The piano in “Werewolf” and chanting-esque parts of “Every Single Night” and “Periphery” add playful and fun aspects. The staccato verses and monotone, raw shouting in “Regret” creates a rough, gritty, genuine air.

And plus, the title of the whole album is genius and says a lot and I’m a big fan of not naming your album after one of the songs.

Every song has something to offer and has distinct parts that make them hard to choose from and make them all meaningful and raw.

I think that if any album could sum up me or most of my life, this would be the album to do so.

“I like watching you live.”

“How can I ask anyone to love me when all I do is begged to be left alone?”

“We can still support each other, all we gotta do is avoid each other.”

“All that loving must have been lacking something, if I got bored trying to figure you out. You let me down. I don’t even like you anymore at all.”

“And there – you got me – that’s how you got me, you taught me to be mean.”

fiona   fiona 3

xoxo – katy

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Hello People

I’m Katy Korostynski but I answer to a bunch of different names. I’m turning 16 on the 24th of this month yay and will be a junior in the fall (finally). I really feel like I haven’t done anything with my life. My daily routine includes but is not limited to staying up until about 6am, sleeping in until about 3pm, and then proceeding to eat, re-watch dozens of tv series’, eat, take cat naps, read, eat, tweet, and dance around my room singing loudly. But now I guess I can add blogging to that list. And I don’t know I just have a lot of thoughts so.
But like I’m not as boring and as shitty as I’m making myself sound promise.
I know that in the future things will be better, because as teenagers we are so hindered. This tends to really piss me off so I won’t go too in depth, but, I think our voices can be heard here.
I don’t really know how to explain what this summer has been. Usually that wouldn’t bother me, but I can feel responsibility rearing its ugly head more and more as each day passes. Things have not looked good as far as me getting a job. I’ve applied to 4 places and I’ve run into the same problem as Audrey and Clare. Every place looks down on us for being 15. I guess that will be solved for me in a couple days but, I still can’t shake the feeling of juvenile incompetence that adults give me.
So anyway what the hell are you even supposed to write in these things?? Do you want to know more about me okay well I love Italian food and Gilmore Girls and I have mad dibs on Jackson Rathbone and black is my favorite color and I’ve been told it’s not an actually color but why does that matter and I really like to write and sing and dance and make collages, I have a lot of collages. I really love the east coast and Europe. Umm one time my friend was describing me and she said the perfect word to describe me is “bitter” so there. (: (: (: (:
Someday I’ll live in England, doing the same thing. But at least I’ll be in England.

xoxo / KATY