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The Problem with Miley’s VMA Performance

Miley put on quite the show at the VMA’s. It was shocking. Strange. Bizarre. Disturbing.
It was sad.
Sad for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because of this: Miley is an influential performing artist. I know this statement will be argued, but it’s true. “We Can’t Stop” has been playing non-stop on the radio for the majority of the summer. It was been number one on Itunes for weeks.
Miley is a huge star. There is no denying that. And that, that is the problem. The fact that this girl, this outrageously successful young woman, is abusing her fame. When I watched her VMA performance with Robin Thicke, there were multiple moments when I literally looked away from the TV, embarrassed for her.
A successful pop star shouldn’t make you want to look away while they’re performing.
It was outrageously inappropriate and obnoxious and everything a performance shouldn’t be. It was worse than her music video. It was not suitable for young children. It was raunchy, uninspired, and lame.
I doubt anyone with any ounce of high regard in the music industry could hold even an inkling of respect for her after that display of morbid crudity. It was all trash with no class.
I guess the most pathetic thing about it was the fact that Miley could’ve done something great with it. She could’ve strutted out there, danced a little, acted a little weird, and sang like a true diva. She could’ve proved to the whole audience (and all of America), that she is fierce and fab and ready to take the whole music industry by storm.
Miley had the opportunity to gain respect as an artist, pick up fans, and promote her upcoming album in a positive fashion.
But she didn’t. She did the exact opposite, and I don’t know how someone in their right mind could jeopardize their career like that.
As I write this, I think to myself, “Am I being too judgmental? She’s a young celebrity wanting to have a little fun. Experiment. She’s just trying to enjoy her youth.”
But I can’t make myself believe this. I can’t sympathize with her. If she wants to go out and party, that’s great. Totally fab. But her career is music, not exotic dancing. No one turned on the VMA’s to see a skinny white girl act like a psychopathic slut with no talent or taste.
I don’t see Miley doing much after this. I truly don’t. I think she lost America’s respect tonight. There was nothing good about that performance, and it’s going to be a tough hike back to the top for smiley Miley.
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Pity Party

I’ve always had bad luck with birthday parties. I was always the one girl at your party who didn’t like something that happened, cried and ran off. And I did the same thing at my own parties. So, people stopped inviting me to theirs.

Ever since, it’s always been a slippery slope. And people aren’t sensitive at all. You think I don’t freaking notice when you talk about your party and invite people to your party right in front of me? Really? That’s rude to anyone in any circumstance.

But I guess now that I think about it, logically, since I’m 15, I’m definitely going to act the same way at a birthday party that I did when I was 7. You’re so so right. Silly me.

No. And I’m tired of being a fucking joke to everyone. Why are people so insensitive and juvenile and oblivious and mean? I mean, I guess it doesn’t matter how some people act seeing as they aren’t very memorable.

Last year I didn’t even have a birthday party. And it doesn’t hurt or bother me or anything really, because it saved me a lot of anxiety and hurt and whatever. That’s so wrong.

You shouldn’t be afraid to throw a freaking party. You shouldn’t worry about every little thing and what it will say about you to other people. Some of it is being a realist, but a lot of it is being afraid, and the result of being scarred by people from the past who were the wrong ones.

And how fair is it that someone has to worry that someone else’s parents forced them to go to that party? Are you kidding me? I don’t know, I just think this is wrong. Is wrong the right word?

I don’t know what it is about birthday parties, but they make me so nervous, and tense, and empty. Sometimes it turns out okay in the end. And while half the time it is people being insensitive and cruel, the other half is me overreacting.

But even my parents have told me not to act a certain way and have cautioned me to not let something bother me or make me “mope” or be absolutely rude. That’s not fair either. I am SIXTEEN.

Are my feelings and frustrations and problems something for you to just throw around and discard? I really can’t have an opinion or pick a side? I can’t feel something or want something or care about something without it being written off as just because of my age? That’s not right either.

Okay so the next time you have a party, or write off someone’s feelings, or make someone feel small, and empty, and worthless, fucking think about how this could potentially scar that person for the rest of their life.

xoxo – katy

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To whom it may concern:

Alright,  how about a little rant?

Some people really just need to use their energy on something other than gossiping. I swear, it’s like all they do is wait around on Twitter to wait for another fight, and then feel the need to share it, play by play, for others. Honestly, I really don’t want to hear about who said what or who cheated on who. It makes my brain feel numb. It’s really an unnecessary thing. I mean, think about all the other things you could be doing besides wasting countless hours mildly entertaining yourself with other people’s problems.

And on another note, please, I beg of you, do NOT PUT YOUR FIGHTS ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. It may make you a little more ballsy, but it sure as hell won’t give you a better reputation. Do you really want everyone and their mother knowing that, “Oh my god, I can’t believe (guy’s name) cheated on me with that slut (girl’s name)”? I don’t think so.

So do us all a favor and battle it out privately. Or, if you really want to settle things in a civilized manor, could I suggest rock paper scissors? Hmm?

Stay classy my friends,
Audrey Lamb

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