So la da di da di, we like to party

Miley Cyrus’s new video “We Can’t Stop” has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. Right now on YouTube it has more likes than dislikes. However, most of the comments I’ve seen have been something along the lines of, “What the fuck?”. As strange as it is, I have to say, I kind of like it. It has a very chilled out vibe despite the video being pretty insane.

However, there were two things that didn’t exactly work for me. One, the involvement of brands like Beats and EOS lip balm is sort of ridiculous to me. I mean, come on. Really? It just shouts desperate to me. Desperate for money. I guess she probably needs it though, after being on hiatus for quite a while. Second, the involvement of food kind of made me sick to my stomach. Especially when they were rolling around on the floor with hot dogs and buns. Ew.

BUT, this video was honestly everything I expected from her. She shaved her head and started using words like “dope” all the time so I’m not too surprised by this video as obviously some people are. She’s not Hannah Montana anymore. Or the girl from the last song (what’s her name?).

I remember her tweeting a while back saying something along the lines of, “my new music will shut everyone up”. Now, if that actually worked, I don’t know. It might have just brought out more haters that are still clinging to the brown extensions from the past. I say, just let it go. Go re-watch some old Miley Stewart goodness and move on.

I think this video previewed a good taste of what more to be expecting in the future, and I’m actually looking forward to see what more she has to offer.




Stay classy my friends,
Audrey Lamb

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Hello People

I’m Katy Korostynski but I answer to a bunch of different names. I’m turning 16 on the 24th of this month yay and will be a junior in the fall (finally). I really feel like I haven’t done anything with my life. My daily routine includes but is not limited to staying up until about 6am, sleeping in until about 3pm, and then proceeding to eat, re-watch dozens of tv series’, eat, take cat naps, read, eat, tweet, and dance around my room singing loudly. But now I guess I can add blogging to that list. And I don’t know I just have a lot of thoughts so.
But like I’m not as boring and as shitty as I’m making myself sound promise.
I know that in the future things will be better, because as teenagers we are so hindered. This tends to really piss me off so I won’t go too in depth, but, I think our voices can be heard here.
I don’t really know how to explain what this summer has been. Usually that wouldn’t bother me, but I can feel responsibility rearing its ugly head more and more as each day passes. Things have not looked good as far as me getting a job. I’ve applied to 4 places and I’ve run into the same problem as Audrey and Clare. Every place looks down on us for being 15. I guess that will be solved for me in a couple days but, I still can’t shake the feeling of juvenile incompetence that adults give me.
So anyway what the hell are you even supposed to write in these things?? Do you want to know more about me okay well I love Italian food and Gilmore Girls and I have mad dibs on Jackson Rathbone and black is my favorite color and I’ve been told it’s not an actually color but why does that matter and I really like to write and sing and dance and make collages, I have a lot of collages. I really love the east coast and Europe. Umm one time my friend was describing me and she said the perfect word to describe me is “bitter” so there. (: (: (: (:
Someday I’ll live in England, doing the same thing. But at least I’ll be in England.

xoxo / KATY

Why hello there :)

So, my name’s Audrey Lamb. Yes, like the animal. Bahhhh. Anyway, welcome to the best place you’ll ever be, our blog. Well, it’s probably not the BEST place you’ll ever be, but that’s beside the point. The point is, is that this is a place that will hopefully provide you, and myself, with entertainment.

My life has gotten extremely boring. I’ve already finished off a couple of weeks of my summer vacation. I keep seeing people talking about how excited they are to go to Florida, how much time they have to spend with their amazing, wonderful boyfriend, while the highlight of my summer has been reading and occasionally playing Call of Duty with my little brother. Honestly though, it’s not that occasional of an occurrence. I’m not going anywhere on vacation, unless camping counts, but in my book, it doesn’t, and my boyfriend is a fictional character. Go me.

Like Clare has, I’ve applied everywhere that seems even the slightest bit enjoyable to work, but I’ve had no luck. Every time they ask me, “How old are you?”, and before I can even get done saying “15”, they’re already giving me that sorry look, shaking their heads, and saying, “Sorry, you need to be 16.” Try explaining that to my parents, though. They still think that I should keep trying, even if I get rejected every effing time. “It shows drive, persistence, and motivation!” they tell me. Yeah, okay.

So when Clare texted me last night with the idea of making this blog, at first I was terrified. Having people that I know read this stuff? It scared the shit out of me. Still does, to be completely honest. But, nonetheless, I’m excited about it.

So welcome to our blog, our crazy, crazy blog.

Stay classy my friends,
Audrey Lamb

How on Earth Does this Work?

Hey guys! Actually, I shouldn’t say “guys”, because I kind of doubt there are guys reading this. I kind of doubt anyone is reading this, actually, but I feel like there’s a much better chance that there are girls reading this.

So we’ll start over.

Hey ladies! My name is Clare Roth. I am one of the three girls writing for this blog, Thoughts from the Backseat. The other bloggers are my two best friends, Katy and Audrey.

The inspiration for this blog came late last night. I was texting Audrey, moaning and complaining about how incredibly boring my summer has been so far.

I feel like a lot of my friends are in the same boat as me. I mean, we’re fifteen years old. You can’t legally work until you’re sixteen. I’ve already applied to literally every business in town that accepts fifteen year old workers, and nowhere is hiring. If you can name it, I’ve applied. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

I mean, it’s not like I haven’t done anything this summer. I watched Project X fourteen times. I’ve been through about seven America’s Next Top Model all day marathons on Oxygen. I listened to the complete discography (all five albums) of The Strokes on YouTube yesterday.

I even baked whole grain yogurt cookies last week, and then proceeded to throw the whole entire batch away because of how disgusting they were. I literally gagged when I tasted the first one.

Basically, I’ve gotten nothing done this summer.

So, last night, in a stroke of pure ingeniousness, I came up with the idea of a joint blog. I mean, what could be better than the documentation of three bored high school girl’s lives? If you’re saying “Nothing!”, you’re right.

We’re going to talk about all kinds of things. Pop culture, social media, books, music, pet peeves, the war in the Middle East, Amanda Bynes, whatever. You name it, we’ll write about it.

That’s all I really have to say for now.

Over and out,