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The Problem with Miley’s VMA Performance

Miley put on quite the show at the VMA’s. It was shocking. Strange. Bizarre. Disturbing.
It was sad.
Sad for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because of this: Miley is an influential performing artist. I know this statement will be argued, but it’s true. “We Can’t Stop” has been playing non-stop on the radio for the majority of the summer. It was been number one on Itunes for weeks.
Miley is a huge star. There is no denying that. And that, that is the problem. The fact that this girl, this outrageously successful young woman, is abusing her fame. When I watched her VMA performance with Robin Thicke, there were multiple moments when I literally looked away from the TV, embarrassed for her.
A successful pop star shouldn’t make you want to look away while they’re performing.
It was outrageously inappropriate and obnoxious and everything a performance shouldn’t be. It was worse than her music video. It was not suitable for young children. It was raunchy, uninspired, and lame.
I doubt anyone with any ounce of high regard in the music industry could hold even an inkling of respect for her after that display of morbid crudity. It was all trash with no class.
I guess the most pathetic thing about it was the fact that Miley could’ve done something great with it. She could’ve strutted out there, danced a little, acted a little weird, and sang like a true diva. She could’ve proved to the whole audience (and all of America), that she is fierce and fab and ready to take the whole music industry by storm.
Miley had the opportunity to gain respect as an artist, pick up fans, and promote her upcoming album in a positive fashion.
But she didn’t. She did the exact opposite, and I don’t know how someone in their right mind could jeopardize their career like that.
As I write this, I think to myself, “Am I being too judgmental? She’s a young celebrity wanting to have a little fun. Experiment. She’s just trying to enjoy her youth.”
But I can’t make myself believe this. I can’t sympathize with her. If she wants to go out and party, that’s great. Totally fab. But her career is music, not exotic dancing. No one turned on the VMA’s to see a skinny white girl act like a psychopathic slut with no talent or taste.
I don’t see Miley doing much after this. I truly don’t. I think she lost America’s respect tonight. There was nothing good about that performance, and it’s going to be a tough hike back to the top for smiley Miley.
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So la da di da di, we like to party

Miley Cyrus’s new video “We Can’t Stop” has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. Right now on YouTube it has more likes than dislikes. However, most of the comments I’ve seen have been something along the lines of, “What the fuck?”. As strange as it is, I have to say, I kind of like it. It has a very chilled out vibe despite the video being pretty insane.

However, there were two things that didn’t exactly work for me. One, the involvement of brands like Beats and EOS lip balm is sort of ridiculous to me. I mean, come on. Really? It just shouts desperate to me. Desperate for money. I guess she probably needs it though, after being on hiatus for quite a while. Second, the involvement of food kind of made me sick to my stomach. Especially when they were rolling around on the floor with hot dogs and buns. Ew.

BUT, this video was honestly everything I expected from her. She shaved her head and started using words like “dope” all the time so I’m not too surprised by this video as obviously some people are. She’s not Hannah Montana anymore. Or the girl from the last song (what’s her name?).

I remember her tweeting a while back saying something along the lines of, “my new music will shut everyone up”. Now, if that actually worked, I don’t know. It might have just brought out more haters that are still clinging to the brown extensions from the past. I say, just let it go. Go re-watch some old Miley Stewart goodness and move on.

I think this video previewed a good taste of what more to be expecting in the future, and I’m actually looking forward to see what more she has to offer.




Stay classy my friends,
Audrey Lamb

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